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Stop “presenting” a product and start having meaningful discussions with your clients.

A NEW Life Insurance Discussion.

No longer do people want to be “sold or told” anything. Today, clients are educated and believe they can make decisions regarding their retirement and life insurance without the need of professional advice. This is most certainly not the case! However, in order for your life sales to evolve at the fast pace of your client’s expectations, you have to rethink everything you’ve been trained or learned up to this point. The NEW LID (life insurance discussion) helps your clients decide for themselves what’s right for them. Client’s will respond to you, your strategies and your products like never before.

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Have More Meaningful Discussions with Your Clients

Get Larger Volume and Premium Commitments

Stop Telling and Start Asking

Learn What Questions to Ask

Practice Sessions that Help You Find Your Voice

Coaching with Industry Greats

Supporting Tools Available at Your Fingertips

Mobile Capabilities Allow You to Learn on the Way to an Appointment


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