Life Insurance Training can be as easy as 1-2-3.

LifeInsuranceTrainers is hours of life insurance “sales” training videos and downloads that will help elevate your life insurance application count and premium!


Find The ``Need``

LifeInsuranceTrainers has developed the most innovative way to help clients truly understand the perfect amount of life insurance to meet their ultimate needs. You will be provided with tools and downloads that will achieve client buy-in on this need like never before!


Find The ``Affordability``

Can you sell someone a predetermined vehicle if you do not know the clients’ goals, desires, or most importantly their budget? So, then why in the life insurance profession do we take the time and effort to sell someone a luxury car when they are looking for a used work truck, or vice versa? Step 2 shows and teaches you how to find the AFFORDABILITY allowing you to spend the time helping your prospective client design the right program to fit their needs, goals and philosophy.


Design The ``Plan``

Every meeting is different and unique. The situation is the boss! We do not subscribe to a predetermined product or plan design. Through our tools, techniques and training, you will have the knowledge and confidence needed to provide a strategy that fits the clients’ ultimate goals.

Why Do Many Struggle With Life Insurance Sales When It Can Be As Easy As 1-2-3?

  • We overcomplicate life insurance – Make it simple so clients can make a decision!
  • We are not confident, so hesitate to have the discussion initially – Confidence will directly increase your activity and closed sales!
  • We force clients to listen to everything we know, rather than asking them better questions – Stop talking and start asking!
  • We are not elevating our skills with the growing knowledge and access of our clients – Professionalism will show the client what they should buy and why they should buy from you!
  • We are pushing product – Educate your client and guide them to making informed and better decisions.

What's Included?

– Free training

– Two video-based training courses

– Sales support tools to download

– Recorded webinars

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