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Old and outdated life insurance presentations are not having the same success from a modern and more informed client base. With the advent of the internet, consumers have become impowered to believe they can be their own advisor to what is the best life insurance program. Consumers don’t fully understand how to design the right coverages based on their ultimate goals and they certainly don’t fully understand what products may optimize their portfolio. So, they are left to pick and choose from what they know or perhaps and unfortunately, from what they don’t know. That is where LifeInsuranceTrainers can help. If licensed life insurance agents do not stand up and become true professionals for their craft, it is the clients that will ultimately suffer from not having the proper protection in a time of need.

LifeInsuranceTrainers was created by industry leading life insurance producers, mentors, and coaches. It takes previously difficult to learn training and processes and breaks it down into 10 practice sessions. This will allow you to learn individually at your own pace. Then it helps you put all the individual sessions together into a seamless life insurance discussion that will prove successful in front of your prospective clients.


Life Insurance 101:

LifeInsuranceTrainers offers free video training to help an agent grasp the understanding of the basics of life insurance and annuities.

Life Insurance Basic Membership:

The creation of the basic membership package is to help you become the very best term salesperson you can be. The basic membership includes 10 practice videos along with downloads to support your new life insurance sale discussions.

Life Insurance Pro Membership:

This membership is for agents who want to elevate their life insurance “presentations” into meaningful life insurance “discussions”. Rather than telling a client everything you know, a “discussion” is when you learn to ask better questions. The pro membership also includes 10 practice videos and many downloads, giving you the support in achieving greater success and client buy-in with permanent life insurance sales.

Life Insurance Platinum Membership:

This membership package is exclusively for the multiple line agent who also sells property and casualty products. The ultimate goal of this membership is to give the ML agent the three platforms they need to be successful; Marketing help, P&C closing tools and training, and the Pro life insurance package listed above. As a package, this platform is tremendously discounted saving the agent thousands if purchased individually.


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